the Chorus

by contact

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The Others watch...voices of the Multitude reverberate into the Light; a collective cry of the Yearning.


released April 25, 2016

Guitars and Tenor Voice : R
Bass Guitar and Alto Voice : P
Soprano Voice : V
Drums : J

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Jacobelli in San Diego, CA
Produced by Raineir G. Pesebre and Alex Jacobelli



all rights reserved


contact San Diego, California

Four Piece Rock Ensemble from San Diego, California.

Black and White Intertwined Zer0 Mind MotherSound Floating Around the Yellow Utopia

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Track Name: Ants
Balance through Stress !
Track Name: Ideas
Patience! Patience is a virtue.
Understanding is the key to everything; so they say.
Forgiveness is the bridge that we build for the kids, for the kids
so they can all grow up in a future
where "trust" and "faith" and "hope" and "love"
are not just words that we learned from the Ancient Extraterrestrials

But I don't wanna wait for a while
Cos I don't think that you're gonna change
I want it and I want it now
Isn't life a little bit...strange?

You're a stranger
I'm a stranger
Track Name: Trophy
You can tell her anything
You'll plan the perfect life together
She will know you inside out
Anything you say, she will remember

You will give her everything
You'll share a shitty life together
Much too late, cos you want out
The kids are keeping you together

...and she'll wish that you would talk to her
...and she'll wonder why you disrespect her
You will sign for her and pay for her
lie to yourself and be a slave for her

...those pretty words that you would say to her
...that look you give when you tell her you love her
You will fight for her and protect her
Cos she is yours and you belong to US

Don't forget...
Track Name: House
I have a house upon a hill
No one goes inside but me
I can hear the laughter of the children playing in the street
I can see them from my window; it's pretty neat

Sometimes they wonder who's inside
They say it's empty as can be
Some of them mention there's a monster in the attic, but it's just me
it's just me

They won't stop knocking on my door
Pointing and laughing with their friends
but I just stay inside, just writing words; rewriting and erasing them

I wait for them to go away
so I can read my words aloud:
"Thinking of a thought until it rains and disappears
just like a cloud..."
Track Name: Glass
You can't understand why your kids are so violent
You said to behave, but they still misbehave
"Why is my daughter so angry?" you say
She kicks the door; she breaks her glass on the floor

And you clean up the spill that she made
And she cleans up the spill that you made

Displaced people
Displaced culture
Displaced emotion
Displaced anger
Track Name: Contact
It's easy to get lost inside an entire solar system
The Universe disappears for one whole millisecond when you blink...

It makes me feel so tiny when I stare off into a galaxy...
Is that the real color of your eyes?
Track Name: Skyscraper
I look up towards the sky
The Sun is the only one I confide in
He stares at me with an unwavering eye
and I remain mesmerized

Less than five seconds pass before I'm halfway blind
and at the same time all the thoughts have escaped my mind...

My hands reach to scrape the sky
I find myself asking "Why, oh why...?"
The wind casts a somber reply
I'll ask until the day that I die!

I look up towards the sky
The Moon conceals all the secrets she's hiding
She hints at me with her mysterious smile
and I'm compelled to reply

...yet I refrain from any answer of some kind
and at the same time all the thoughts have escaped my mind
The trees looming over me have captured my floating dreams in the leaves
and not too long after they fall;
brown, withered, and dried...

My hands reach to scrape the sky
I find myself asking "Why, oh why...?"
The wind casts a somber reply
I'll ask until the day that I die!
Track Name: Blind/Choice

...and if I told you everything that crossed my mind
then you would not like what you would find
Consistency is all we ask for in this life
For your sake, I will stay blind

Quietly wasting away
Silent; exhaling my pain
I wither away


Frequencies and feelings; frequently fleeting
Artifacts: selected memories - create or escape the meaning
It's your life (so use it well)
It's your choice (so do what's right)
Elect to see a million beautiful things
and just cover your ears from the noise

I have eyes in the back of my head
I pretend I can't see but I can
I live in movies when I sleep
I toy with words when I speak
Writing volumes with every blink
Only human; caught between
angelic and demonic tendencies
So how can you help me when we're just the same?

You are surrounded; yet you feel so alone
Just do as much as you can; try to keep in afloat
We're sinking slowly, slowly in a paper life boat
and at the end of the day
let us hope it was a game well-played

Your life is a game.